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Sustainable battery manufacturing starts here.
By enabling scalable EV battery reuse and recycling,
we create a circular engine for our electric future.
We need every bit of battery we have to accelerate our transition to sustainable energy.
300 TWh
The world need 300TWh
of batteries to fully transition to sustainable
7 TWh
Total global forecast lithium ion batteries production capacity by 2030
12M tons
Estimated amount of batteries retired by 2030
We need a circular economy to meet the massive demand growth in lithium ion batteries.
Exponential growth in demand for lithium ion batteries with an annual growth of 30-40%

The problem with the current disassembly.

The problem with the current process.

100% manual process, requiring more technicians, investment, and time.
Safety hazard: exposing technicians to high voltage and toxic chemicals.
Non-uniformity with hundreds of different EV battery types, which hampers automatization.

We are creating a circular economy for our electric future.

After removal from Electric Vehicles, battery packs have three possible destinations. Our system can automatically determine which is the most appropriate for them.
We give packs a second life by repurposing them to energy storage applications.
We give packs a second life by allocating them to energy storage devices.
We work with certified third parties to recycle all components in the batteries

Our solution: an automated system combining computer vision and robotic arms.

Diagnosis and discharge
Our intelligence diagnoses the batteries’ condition before they are safely discharged.
After 3D scanning the battery packs, our robotic arms carefully remove screws and shells to extract the modules.
Automated Testing
We check if the modules meet the requirements for secondary use. They are repurposed when qualified and recycled when nonqualified.

Let us help you with

Supply Chain
Logistics and life cycle management of retired EV batteries
Our state of the art automation technology can help you with EV battery recycling
Explore innovative second life EV batteries solutions

We make EV batteries reuse and recycling fast, safe and scalable.

A greener world for future generations.

Reduce the demand for raw battery materials from mining
Carbon Footprint
Reduce the carbon footprint for batteries production
Enable faster adoption of electrification by making batteries more accessible
We commit to the environment by reusing EV batteries on energy storage solutions to reduce carbon footprints in every household.
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Bring electric power
back to life.

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We strive to adhere to the highest level of quality and responsible recycling. Our business is in compliance
with R2v3, ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 14001, and RIOS standards.
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